About Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem

An ongoing study of the Virtual Reality ecosystem in Canada.

About Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem

When will VR hit the mainstream? How fast is it growing? Will this emerging industry live up to all the hype surrounding it? What sorts of things are VR companies in Canada building?

Launched by CFC Media Lab and OMERS Ventures in collaboration with Nordicity , Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem represents an ongoing snapshot of the Canadian Virtual Reality (VR) ecosystem as it evolves. Presenting data gathered from an ongoing survey of the Canadian VR ecosystem, the study – a living and continuous research project – examines the workflows, tools, challenges and opportunities that VR creators and technologists face. Our goal is to publish fresh data on a quarterly basis here and track how it takes shape over time.

Motivated by a desire to better understand how VR experiences are being created and distributed (the workflow) and which technologies are most prevalent among companies, Pulse on VR also sheds light on VR’s market potential. It notes the challenges and opportunities that companies are identifying as they seize the potential of this transformative medium and shape the future of the VR ecosystem. To that end, we also conduct one-on-one interviews, published here quarterly, with a number of VR companies and thought leaders to get a more detailed take on their current projects and plans for the future.

Pulse on VR presents information from jurisdictions across Canada – specifically Ontario, Québec, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia – with additional insights gathered from California. This work is intended to benefit companies, funders, investors and content creators working in VR that are seeking to understand where they fit into the ecosystem and how VR workflows apply to their projects. Read on to see key highlights from the report, in-depth case studies of some major VR players in Canada and abroad, and explore a complete listing of companies surveyed across Canada.



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