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Company Origins

Talespin is a product studio that is building AI-powered Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the next generation workforce and their management.
By leveraging immersive simulations and interactive learning, some of the world’s largest companies look to Talespin to improve the training and decision mapping of their highest value employees. Talespin products unlock new capabilities and push the limits of human potential, giving ‘super powers’ to the enterprise workforce.

During its first year, founder Kyle Jackson built a team of specialists who successfully executed a large volume of client-commissioned VR projects as a way to gather resources and skills and to refine a VR product creation methodology, similar to agile software development.
An example of this is the comprehensive overhaul of claims adjuster training for one of the Top 3 insurance companies in the world. By simulating home environments in VR and using a physics engine + game logic to reproduce various scenarios such as water damage and vehicle inspection, employees retain & train at a much higher level than traditional instruction. This has resulted in employees actually ENJOYING their learning.

With the successful close of the company’s first round of outside investment, Talespin doubled the size of its Unity Engine development team and built a mixed reality lab in Los Angeles, building interactive business simulations / B2B solutions for enterprise customers in a variety of segments; and investing in both technical and content intellectual property for future exploitation in the commercial VR market.

Pursuing Growth

So, why is the Talespin team passionate about VR/AR enterprise solutions? The sad reality of corporate America is the employee experience is generally stale and void of creativity. This is apparent with the millennial workers that stay at a job for an average of only 3 years.

Churn is at an all-time high and it is costing companies billions. A 2012 survey by Net Impact found that 88 percent of workers considered “positive culture” important or essential to their dream job, and 86 percent said the same for work they found “interesting.” (Forbes) Talespin wants to merge work with play, to inspire and energize the enterprise workforce with cutting edge, engaging tools that aren’t only highly effective but also enjoyable and immersive. No more falling asleep on the 3-ring binder. It’s time to evolve the way work is done with AI, VR, and AR.

Kyle Jackson, CEO refers to Talespin’s structure as a sort of ‘immersive product lab’ that can generate a wide range of products and revenue streams in these new mediums. Talespin emphasizes a diverse mix of talent that includes specialized teams in Artificial Intelligence, 360º Video, 3D Engine / Unity Development, and Software Development. To efficiently extend the capabilities of its experienced and growing core team, Talespin has been fortunate to recruit some of the best talent in Los Angeles. A key competitive advantage is the team’s experience in navigating many previous technological shifts in technology and content in order to act on opportunities at the right time. When asked why now is the right time for this team to deliver enterprise products, Jackson said “In the 80s and 90s we saw a massive shift from analog to digital. Companies that did not evolve were disrupted and often disintegrated. A similar shift is happening now and that leap is from digital to ‘real time interactive’. This means that companies can simulate assets and workflows within 3D engines, creating a nimble asset base that can empower every component of their companies from training, to scenario planning, to marketing, consumer engagement, and beyond.”

Jackson is very focused on building key partnerships as the market evolves. Talespin will continue to develop original immersive tools for the high-end console-based VR market (Oculus, Vive, PS4) as well as mobile VR market with Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. “Now is the time to build and deploy. Whether a VR business application is built on top of Facebook Spaces, or a B2B app is built on Apple AR Kit, we are witnessing the dawn of a new value chain in immersive technologies.”

Key Success Factors

Talespin has already proven high ROI use cases in some of the largest companies in the world.
In-house development teams combine the best of AI, Unity Engine, 360 Video, and Software Production. Each of these disciplines are critical for delivering enterprise solutions.

DigiCapital forecasts the VR/AR market to reach $100 billion by 2020, but Talespin believes the latent potential of the enterprise workforce is much greater than this estimate. Business process and high value, role specific, decision logic is largely undocumented and unmapped in some of the world’s largest companies. Computer vision and Machine Learning have made amazing advancements, but without mapping machine intelligence to business/decision logic, their value to enterprise will go largely unrealized. Talespin is unlocking this value and even in its early training and data visualization solutions, they are seeing ground breaking results.

Talespin’s two-sided business model of product + content creation has derisked the company’s investment in R&D and has blazed a trail to product market fit.

Talespin is one of the few early entrants to the VR/AR space to generate, on a profitable basis, several million dollars in revenue.

Talespin’s management has successful track records together in both tech and entertainment. The intersection of which is required to build some of the worlds most immersive computing products.

For yearsTalespin has worked behind the scenes with leading camera companies (Jaunt, Blackmagic, etc.) as well as leading brands (Visa, SapientNitro, Paramount, Warner Bros, Disney, Bentley, Farmers, Wal-Mart, and more) and is recognized as the foremost authority for enterprise solutions in the VR/AR space.

Talespin team has a deep network of over 50 key partnerships, including ad tech, distribution, app creation, and entire vertical markets such as insurance. On the academic side, Talespin worked this fall with MIT to bring some MBA students in to help work on business modeling efforts.

Looking Ahead

Jackson states “It is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in what we call ‘Intelligent Mixed Reality’. We are already seeing seismic shifts in the way the world’s largest companies are thinking about the possibilities of VR/AR solutions that are powered by AI.”

Talespin has a clear vision for moving forward with a highly selective process around the clients the company takes on, and the employees that are hired. Typically Talespin will work with corporate Innovation Officers or the C-level suite to map the implementation of high ROI products.

As the company grows and expands its IP base, the ‘Talepin Toolbox’ can be utilized to tackle increasingly complex tasks and simulations. Ultimately, the training data that flows through these products will enhance in the field tools for the next generation enterprise employee.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower and instill wonder (and a bit of fun) in the experience of the modern day employee. Along the way we will generate billions in latent enterprise value, but the Talespin team passionately believes the billions of lives that can potentially be enhanced will be the real mark on this world that will matter.”

Not a small task, but one with a big return, telling the next tale of the human story.

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