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  • Montreal, QC
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Company Origins

This Montréal-based firm believes that deep analytics will be increasingly vital for the VR and immersive content eco-systems to prosper globally.

Retinad was initially exploring the premise of bringing advertising to VR. Instead, the firm recognized a crucial market gap in VR analytics. Retinad spent over two years building its analytics software and describes its mission to, “help make virtual reality compelling through data.”

Pursuing Growth

Retinad’s small team of team of five has successfully raised about two million dollars in total and has a solid pipeline of international clients and brands. Retinad explains brands, agencies and filmmakers are their target customer since they are the most in need of being to test and measure the performance of their experiences.

Factors for Success

Early on Retinad made the firm decision not customize its product to any one client. A key benefit of the software is that it can crossover to any market vertical and on any application – it is “cross-platform and cross-sector” and can support anyone in the VR space. While not customizable, Retinad solicits as much feedback from customers as it can and, as a result, continuously improves the product itself.
Retinad acknowledges that analytics can be commoditized and in that sense, any tracker it builds has the potential to be replicated and deliver similar results. In this respect, Retinad has an aggressive market strategy, going after the best customers quickly and effectively, showcasing itself to be the easiest and fastest platform integration. Retinad will has a presence at Upload VR and constantly monitors new entrants into the VR space that may benefit from its products and services. As well, it provides excellent customer support to maintain and grow its roster of clients.

Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, the Retinad team is pleased with the pace of VR’s growth. They had thought it could take another two or three years to get to the viable, mature pace and traction that is evident today. Montreal has already established itself as a serious contender in the VR market with studio, Felix&Paul, hardware companies such as VRVANA and the plethora of video games companies ripe to build VR experiences.

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